About Us

We are grounded in the principle and philosophy of utilizing a creative and comprehensive approach in meeting and surpassing your needs and requests. We are fully dedicated to providing you with something that you will cherish and value. We do NOT take your time for granted – you will get BEYOND your money’s worth.

We utilize an individual, personal approach for all our clients. We take into consideration your unique needs and preferences. This allows precisely pinpointing your deepest wishes and desires and making them come to life.

Our dedication and mission is to fulfill all the aspects of our client’s needs, which includes (but is far from limited to):

Organizing the luxurious, beautiful, classy and high-quality life you deserve.

Cooperate with your work and lifestyle schedule in such a way that it brings maximum enjoyment.

Presenting and assisting with the selection of a female work staff of various professional backgrounds.

Elevate the level of your personal prestige as well as that of your company.

Create the dream life with a perfect work/play harmony.

Start living the life of your dreams – call us now!


Our agency opened its doors in 2009, and since then we have gained a plethora of experience and formed a top-notch team of hardworking and dedicated professionals – we are more than ready to solve any challenge that presents itself.

Our team is comprised of:

Высококвалифицированных менеджеры Highly Qualified Managers
Преподавателиразличных дисциплин Tutors of range
of disciplines
Психологи Psychologists
Сексологи Sex therapists
Преподаватели Этики и Эстетики Aesthetic teachers
Преподаватели Этики и Эстетики Nutritionists and
fitness trainers

Our professionals are based in Ukraine, Russia, and nearby countries. However we are fully competent in meeting our clients’ needs ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

We locate the cream of the crop world-wide, and bring it to you!

We employ exclusively attractive and intelligent girls and ladies. Looks and brains – you certainly won’t get bored!

Every model brings her personal touch to the experience. Attentive, caring, and loving – they know how to please!

Why Our Clients Choose Us.

We are grounded in the principle and philosophy of utilizing a creative and comprehensive approach in meeting and surpassing your needs and requests. We are fully dedicated to providing you with something that you will cherish and value. We do NOT take your time for guaranteed – you will get BEYOND your money’s worth.

What sets us apart from our competition is our dedicated approach to every client. Other agencies utilize a one-size-fit all approach – we DO NOT! We cherish every one of our clients for the gentlemen they truly are. All your unique needs, preferences, and tastes will be taken into account in the presentation and selection process. This takes into mind not only the body type and personality of the required model/models but in organizing the intricacies of the event you had in mind.

Taking all this into account we can confidently state that NOTHING is impossible.

Top level service:

allow us to arrange your events' unique needs. All you need to do is relax and enjoy!

We have what you need:

You’re in professional hands. What could possibly be better?

Speed and efficiency:

The average time to organize an event is approximately 2 hours.

We value our clients:

International Lifestyle Agency members enjoy benefits such as discounts, exclusive offers and gifts, as well as a whole lot more (join to find out!).


our background includes over a decade of providing world-class services to VIP and Forbes list clients around the globe.

Locations convenient for you:

we provide our exclusive services anywhere in Russia as well as all of the major cities of the world.

Our Clients

We deliver the highest quality of service in the industry – this is confirmed by the large number of our repeat clients who are regulars on the Forbes list.

Therefore our agency is happy to offer the quality services suited for goal oriented, purpose driven, successful individuals who value their time.

The nature of or our work requires that we hold to the highest standards not only our models and managers, but our clients as well. Our clients are:

First and foremost - proper gentlemen.

Neat and orderly



Secure and confident in their desires.

Honest and chivalrous.

Our agency operates as a private members-only club for the most successful individuals in the world.

We exclusively work with (and employ) the upper-echelon of their respective fields. Confidentiality and discretion is one of our top priorities. As such, it is absolutely forbidden to disclose any personal and/or identifiable details of any of our models, employees or the events we organize. Our security team regularly conducts background checks on prospective clients and employees.

We reserve the right to conduct a background check, at the discretion of our security professionals, with any individual applying to conduct any form of business and/or cooperation with our organization at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason we deem fit.

By choosing us you will receive:

The required results within the necessary time frame.

A wide selection of models of various body and personality criteria catered to your preferences.

Fully organized romantic dinners and dates.

Upon request - informative in-depth details regarding your choices’ background, skills, and education.

If necessary - a comprehensive background check conducted by our security professionals.

A personal cabinet with your preferred models.

All you need to do is contact us! Allow us to take care of the rest!