Our Terms, Conditions, and Regulations

Application process:

  1. You send us an enquiry via phone, e-mail, or contact form on this website.
  2. One of our secretaries processes your request and gets one of our managers in contact with you.
  3. A meeting between you and our agent takes places, where you may discuss all the specificities of your request.
  4. Once an agreement and mutual understanding is reached, a 100% prepayment is necessary.
  5. We locate the ideal girls for your needs, with showcasing and casting if necessary.
  6. We organize the requested event.
  7. All necessary services that are to be provided are agreed upon in advance. Our models reserve the right to refuse any additional requests without any further explanations.
  8. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
  9. In the rare situation where your satisfaction is not met, we reserve the right to take additional measures in order to resolve the matter, including, but not limited to providing you with a new model and organizing an alternative event. If this does not satisfy your agreed-upon requests, we will fully refund your payment.
  10. Our security team reserves the right to perform a background check at any time, and refuse service without any further explanation.
  11. Access to our models gallery is provided under our discretion after we have determined that we trust your intentions.
  12. First time clients must join our member’s only private club, and agree to all our terms and conditions. Contact us to arrange a meeting with one our specialists.

Your privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed, and we expect the same from you!

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  1. We work on the principle of prepayments in full, without a money back guarantee if we do not fulfill our obligations. In the event of a cancellation we return 50% of the payment.
  2. We can substitute any model that does not meet your expectations, even during the event.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with no further explanation.